Name Kassidy Bradshaw 

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22

Date Due 01/25/22

QCQ is short for “Quotation-Comment-Question.” It begins with a Quotation of 1-3 sentences. It then has a Comment. And it then asks a Question that encourages engagement from others. A good QCQ gives you something to bring to the table and offers something worth discussing in class. Earn full credit (1000 points) for a QCQ that touches all 3 bases – and is in on time.

QCQ for _Social Stories: Digital Storytelling and Social Media___________________________________________

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

Like other forms of digital storytelling, social media offers user-creators opportunities to tell new kinds of stories, ones that express the many dimensions of everyday life.

Comment (250-500 words)

When reading the article I came across this statement which I do agree with. I think that the invention of social media apps like twitter or instagram gave users newer platforms to tell their stories to more people. I also agree that people can post about topics that are important to them to raise awareness and/or find other people who are interested in that topic as well and make connections.  When people tell their stories and try to raise awareness on a subject and depending on how much attention it gets, people start relying on what other people are saying instead of doing their own research. Because this happens a lot it can cause problems. For example people will read false information because it’s been passed around to different people who had their own opinions and the information got altered when it reached that one person reading it but won’t know because they did not do their own research. I think that this part of social media needs to get addressed more because it happens so often. I feel like the more we address it, the more people are aware of the problem and start to do their own research and create a better understanding of whatever the topic may be based on their own opinions. In the end I think social media is a good way to reach out to many people or to create awareness. 


When using social media to raise awareness or people to voice their opinions depending on the scenario things could get out hand for no reason?

What are some ways to help limit false information being spread around?