Almost 65% of the population has some type of curly hair. I am part of that 65%. People part of that 65% either have curly, coil, wavy hair. Having textured hair requires a lot of maintenance and time to take care of your hair and to make sure it looks good. Over time and now there has been so much time and effort put into finding new products for people with textured hair, and that they actually work.

Types Of Hair Texture

Having textured hair goes beyond just having curly, wavy hair, etc. Each person can have a very specific curl pattern Which is good to know in order to find out how to take care of your hair and what products to use. Below are the different types of curl patterns:

Wavy Hair: 2A-2C

  • Wavy hair is considered anything that looks like a loose “S” and can be easily straightened

Curly Hair: 3A-3C

  • Curly hair is anything that deforms a more definite “S” that looks like a corkscrew

Coily Hair: 4A-4C

  • Which is a very tight curl and can for that “S” shape when stretched out

I fall under the curly hair category 3A, although I think I am in between 3A and 3B.

There are many factors that can affect your curl pattern as well as many other factors. Almost every “curl expert” number one rule is to stop using heat on your hair or if you do, minimize it to every 2-3 times a year or even less than that. Using a lot of heat on your hair can really damage your hair and take a while for your hair to bounce back to its natural texture. (which is what i am going through right now) Other effects of using heat on your hair are: dryness, frizziness, breakage.

Each person a hair is different which means each person’s routine for their hair is different, along with what products work best for them and what products don’t. Finding what products work for you and what products don’t is a process. Most of the time it is a guessing game and process of elimination. One way to help go through that process is taking a hair type quiz through after taking this quiz it gives you products that might work best with you hair type.

Overall you know your hair best and you will know what works best and what doesn’t. Now there are even more people today trying to embrace their natural hair because it makes each and every person unique. They’re all also more resources now for people with curled hair and even more articles on topics people can relate to and see that they are not the only ones going through a certain hair problem. There have been a lot of advancements for people textured hair on how to properly take care of it as well as products that work and are good for textured people hair.