For the DS106 assignment, we had to think of places that bring us peace. For this assignment and the places I chose I based it on the fact if I were to go back there again would I be happy and relaxed or was it a one-time thing. I think the most obvious place that I feel relaxed and what most other people would say is their bedroom. The reason I didn’t put a picture of my bedroom on there is one I didn’t have a picture of my bedroom and two that is kind of an easier choice to do. Instead I choose these four pictures above. The first top left picture is when me and my sister woke up at 4am and drove to Skyline drive in Virginia. I choose this because it was a nice bonding moment and a nice change of scenery for the both of us. The top right picture was when I was in a cabin up in the mountains, and I woke up early the day we left and just sat outside and watched the sunrise. While I was out there it was calm and quiet and change from busy we are in everyday life. In the bottom left photo I put my dog and I on a beanbag. I always enjoy moments where I can just sit around and cuddle with my dog. The last photo in the bottom right it is a picture of Canyon Lake in Texas. The reason for this picture is it brings back good memories from over the summer and being on the water.