Virginia Volleyball Academy otherwise known as VAVA is a junior women’s volleyball club, that was founded in 2017 and is located in Herndon Virginia. Because they are from Virginia, this means that they are a part of the Chesapeake Bay Region Association. This club is fairly new but has had some success with their teams over the past few years and are doing really well this year throughout all their teams.


Virginia Volleyball Academy practices at Cassels sports complex which has 8 volleyball courts that can accommodate the number of teams that they have. Which allows them to have most of the teams practice at the same time. Virginia Volleyball Academy has 7 teams and each team practices 7 days a week. Teams are listed below:

  • VAVA 13’s
  • VAVA 14’s
  • VAVA 15’s
  • VAVA 16’s Blue
  • VAVA 16’s Orange
  • VAVA 17’s
  • VAVA 18’s (I played on their 18 team for my last season of club)

Their tryouts for their teams took place on November 5, 12-13 of 2021. Each team also goes to about ten tournaments during their season which are either one-day tournaments or multi-day tournaments which can occur and different states.

The club’s mission is to get the girls who play for them to love the sport and want them to continue to play the sport they love for as long as they can. Their coaches are a perfect example of that. Their vision is to be imperfect. That the always want their players to look for ways were they can get better and improve and it doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how new you are to the game.

The club also provides many clinics for the players to get better whether it be in a group or just a one-on-one session, to help the players advance in any skill. This club is a great club to make lasting connection whether it is between a player and another player or a relationship with a player and a coach. All the coaches at this club want their players to succeed and will help that player reach their goals especially if the athlete wants to play in college.