For the last ds106 assignment, we had to go back and review some of our favorite assignments we did and come up with questions to ask ourselves about the assignments we chose. Finding the assignments that I wanted to showcase was the easiest part of this project. It took me a little but to come up with questions I was going to ask myself, as well as questions that related to the assignment and to the class itself. The tricky part about this assignment was figuring out how I was going to record it all. Originally was going to take screenshots of each assignment, and put it on a google slide, but I didn’t like how it looked. I ended up searching online for screen recording sites, and found one called Vimeo. It allowed me to download it as an extension on my computer and was really easy to use. It gave me the option to screen record just the tab I was on and also had the option of showing my face or not. Overall I think this final assignment wasn’t too hard, it was just trying to figure out how you were going to record interviewing yourself as well as the assignments.