Did you know there are over several types of twins? Most people always wonder what it is like to have someone look very similar to you if not exactly the same. People tend to assume that being a twin is amazing and think that almost every single twin is each other’s best friend and never leaves each other’s side. Which I am here to tell that really isn’t the case.

There are about seven types of twins that we know of

  1. Mirror Twins
  2. Conjoined twins
  3. Parasitic Twins
  4. Semi-identical
  5. Identical
  6. Fraternal
    1. Being a fraternal twin can be many things, for example, you can be the same gender or you can be twins of the opposite gender

I am a fraternal twin. From the day I was born up until I went to college I always had my sister by my side. My sister and I are fraternal twins meaning we came from two separate eggs instead of one. I can tell you right now, my experience being a twin isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Being a twin isn’t always what everyone thinks it is and we are nice to each other all the time. When my sister and I got to middle school through high school, we had our fair shares of ups and downs. There would be days that we would be each other’s best friends. But there would be others where halfway through the day we would fight about something stupid and despise each other for the rest of the day, but depending on what the argument was about we would act like nothing ever happened a couple of hours later.

Me and my sister at dig pink night for volleyball. (In this one it is really easy to tell that we don’t look alike)

Being a twin does come with some perks. When playing the same sport and joining new teams, and or going to sports clinics; you never have to worry about not knowing someone there, because your twin is always there you will always have a partner for drills and never have to feel awkward trying to find a teammate to practice with during a drill. The main point I am trying to get out is that no matter where you go whether it’s a new place or not, you will always no someone there.

Although knowing someone wherever you go and doing everything together can have its downfall. When doing things with your twin-like being in the same class or playing on the same sports team, you are always being compared to each other. Your twin could be better at a skill than you are and people expect you to be as good because you look alike and forget that we are our own person and have different strengths and weaknesses. Being a twin means meeting new people as so and so’s twin, if your twin already met them first instead of just being known as you. Twins can always end up living in the other twin’s shadows, and it is hard to make a name for themselves or just be their own person. If there is one thing you took away from this post is that being a twin doesn’t mean they are exactly alike. The only thing that is probably the same is how they look, but they could have completely different personalties and interests.